Wireless Brake & Clutch Parts Washer

Brake & clutch cleaning without air or power cables

Fully Wireless

Built in battery and air compressor means this the Viper is free from cables

40cm Lift

Electronically height adjustable sink to suit different working levels

Concealed Tank

Hidden, water-tight tank carries 9L of fluid without risk of spillage


Lightweight with oversized wheels for easy transport throughout the workshop

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The Fluid

Our Advanced Brake & Clutch Cleaner (ABCC) is a powerful degreaser of associated component parts.

Comparable with standard hydro-carbon based solvents, it gets to work quickly on cutting through grime and helps in preventing follow-on brake squeal.

It conveniently works at ambient temperature, and is non-flammable and non-carcinogenic.

Advanced Brake and Clutch Cleaning Fluid (25l)
  • The Viper is possibly the most convenient and ergonomic brake cleaning system of its type.

    An integrated battery and air compressor means that hazardous and annoying air/power cables are a thing of the past.

    With enough power to see out a working day, the Viper can be easily wheeled around next to you for quick, simple use. An overnight night charge means its ready for the next day.

    The (electronic) height adjustable sink, gets right underneath work areas for mess-free cleaning, and you won’t spill fluid thanks to a concealed water-tight tank. It doesn’t come more convenient than a Viper!

  • We work with you to understand your business; what you do; what parts you clean; how often you clean them and then we tailor a solution that is right for you.

    Fully managed end to end solution

    Flexible service contracts available to suit your needs
  • External Dimensions:
    610 x 780 x 1080-1480mm (WxDxH)
    Dry/Wet Weight:
    Fill Capacity:
    Power Supply:
    Not required
    Air Supply:
    Not required
    Not required

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Ultimate Performance

Cleans & degreases as fast as hydrocarbon-based solvents

Energy Saving

Ambient operating temperature require no heating

Workplace Safety

Non-flammable & non-carcinogenic requiring no ventilation

Reduces Pollution

Fluids won't emulsify and can reduce your workplace VOCs