The Ultimate Manual Parts Washer

Smart manual parts washer to replace standard sink-on-drum machines

Powerful Fluid

Fluid cuts through grease and grime on contact

Energy Efficient

Uses very little power - up to 10x more efficient that a sink-on-drum

Scrub & Soak In One

Clean using the tap or brush, or leave to soak in the soaking basket

Machine Options

Available in 2 sizes (900 or 1200mm) with the option of an air line included

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The Fluid

Our Advanced Parts Wash Fluid (APWF) is a powerful degreaser for general component parts.

Comparable with standard hydrocarbon-based solvents, it gets to work quickly on cutting through grime and includes an inbuilt rust inhibitor as a protective barrier for most metals.

It conveniently works at ambient temperature and is non-flammable and non-carcinogenic.

Advanced Parts Wash Fluid (25l)
  • A modern take on old sink-on-drum machines, the Typhoon range gives you all you need from a manual parts washer.

    It provides a trio of cleaning options: tap, flow-through cleaning brush, and soaking tank, as well as trays and working areas to scrub or soak small/large components. You only clean the areas you need and the powerful cleaning fluid will make light work of dirt and grime.

    2 Sizes: T450=90cm, T650=120cm wide (optional air-line feed in both)

  • We work with you to understand your business; what you do; what parts you clean; how often you clean them and then we tailor a solution that is right for you.

    Fully managed end to end solution

    Flexible service contracts available to suit your needs
  • External Dimensions:
    900 x 660 x 1000mm (T450), 1170 x 660 x 1000mm (T650)
    Sink Dimensions:
    713 x 550 x 187mm (T450), 984 x 550 x 187mm (T650)
    Dry/Wet Weight:
    95/120KG (T450), 110/135KG (T650)
    Fill Capacity:
    Power Supply:
    3-Pin Plug
    Air Supply:
    Not required
    Not required

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Ultimate Performance

Cleans & degreases as fast as hydrocarbon-based solvents

Energy Saving

Ambient operating temperature require no heating

Workplace Safety

Non-flammable & non-carcinogenic requiring no ventilation

Reduces Pollution

Fluids won't emulsify and can reduce your workplace VOCs