We are different for a reason

Big problems call for big ideas

Safe Solvents' Environmentally Friendly Technology

We live and breath innovation

Not all cleaning solutions are created equal.

Our unique fluids and machines are the result of many years of research and development, that has enabled us to bring you a cutting edge product and service combination, that is truly different.

No more toxic solvents, no more inefficient machines and no more pointless waste creation.

We never stand still at Safe Solvents and our team are constantly looking for new ways to improve our chemical and mechanical technology to give our customers even better results and safer working environments.

Water Saving Technology

We work wonders with water

Conventional, water-based cleaners need to be heated to high temperatures for them to be effective.

Not at Safe Solvents. Our innovative chemical technology has enabled us to extract ‘herculean’ cleaning performance at room temperature.

After years of development and testing, Safe Solvents has developed a range of unique cleaning solvents that work effortlessly with an innovative range of parts washer machines.

Change does not happen by chance and we are committed to showing the world that safe water-based degreasing technology is the best.

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