Extended Shockwave Ultrasonic Parts Washer


Shockwave 3000 Ultrasonic Parts Washer


The Shockwave 3000 is an efficient, affordable and environmentally-responsible ‘ultrasonic’ parts washing machine. It is designed to mimic both the surface cleaning performance of a heated machine and the cavity-cleaning performance of an ultrasonic cleaning tank, all within the same cleaning cycle.

How Does Ultrasonic Parts Washing Work?

Ultrasonic parts washing is a safe and effective replacement for hydrocarbon solvent, caustic and heated detergent-based hot washes; all of which can be found in engineering shops up and down the country.

The technology operates by creating microscopic bubbles that release localised energy upon impact with surfaces. Unlike hot washes, this process loosens stubborn grit, dirt and grease found in the tiniest of crevices across a wide range of industrial and vehicular parts, resulting in a sparkling deep clean.

What Liquid is Used in Ultrasonic Parts Washing?

The Shockwave 3000 series requires a fraction of the energy of traditional hot wash parts cleaning processes. It uses Safe Solvents’ aqueous Ambient Cavitation Cleaning Fluid (ACCF) to deliver fantastic results, without the need to heat the tank. The cleaning liquid has rust-inhibiting technology which prevents oxidisation from forming on the surface of metal components.

The ambient temperature cleaning fluid also possesses a unique ‘splitting’ property, which means 80% can be safely flushed away; saving end-users thousands of pounds a year in utility bills and waste disposal costs.

How Easy is it to Use?

The Shockwave 3000 series has been designed to reduce workplace risks and decrease negative environmental impact. As a leave-to-clean system, it has a self-lowering and raising lid system that allows end-users to load heavy parts – up to 250kg – into the liquid with ease.

Cleaning cycle times vary depending on the type of part and the type of contamination that is being cleaned. For removing light cutting oil or honing oil from freshly cut CNC parts, it could be two or three minutes; or for removing heavy levels of contamination from engine blocks or vintage car parts, it could be between one or two hours.

The Shockwave 3000 has auto-fill and drain capabilities up to 300L, and it also has a high-output LED bar at the top to illuminate the wash space when sited in darker operational environments with low natural light levels. A manual washing brush is also included for if and when required.

Is the Parts Washing Fluid Flammable?

The Safe Solvents ACCF cleaning fluid used in the Shockwave 3000 series is not only non-flammable, but also non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, and has a low VOC level of just 6.5%. Moreover, there is no need for additional ventilation or extraction to be fitted in order to operate the machine. As such, it is one of the safest – and greenest – cleaning solutions on the market.

The Shockwave 3000 series is available as part of a fully-managed end-to-end service, where liquid usage is accurately matched to a tailored fluid replenishment and service plan.

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