First-ever ‘day-to-day’ ambient temperature ultrasonic parts washer unveiled


Efficient, affordable and environmentally-responsible ‘ultrasonic’ parts washing is now accessible to UK businesses of all sizes, following the launch of the Shockwave Pro 3000 series from Safe Solvents.

With a fill capacity of 300L – the Shockwave Pro 3000 series – operates by creating microscopic bubbles that release localised energy upon impact with surfaces. Unlike hot washes, which traditionally have been limited to providing surface-based cleaning, this process blasts away dirt from the smallest of crevices, resulting in a sparkling deep clean.

Capable of loosening stubborn grit, dirt and grease from a wide range of industrial and vehicular parts, the Shockwave Pro 3000 Series is the first in the UK which avoids the need to use high-energy ultrasonics, or to heat up the cleaning solvent, to complete the process.

The solution is able to provide 3000W of cavitation cleaning power from a standard 3-pin plug. Crucially, this allows the Shockwave to be sited almost anywhere that is within easy reach of a standard power socket. What’s more, no air supply or ventilation is required to operate the system.

Safe Solvent’s bespoke Ambient Cavitation Cleaning Fluid (ACCF) requires no heating and reduces health and safety risks by avoiding the use of heated detergents which can expose employees to harmful vapours or caustic liquor which can burn the skin after sufficient contact.

The non-flammable and non-carcinogenic fluid also includes rust inhibitor technology to help prevent oxidisation forming on the surface of materials.

As the Shockwave Pro 3000 is a ‘leave-to-clean’ system, all operators need to do is lower the parts in and switch the machine on, with no need to scrub each part individually. This ensures staff can use their time elsewhere. The built-in electronic lifting floor also allows heavy parts to be easily and safely lowered into the solution.

Tom Sands, Founder and CEO of Safe Solvents, comments: “Typically, ultrasonic parts washing has been the go-to solution for businesses with demanding cleaning standards, for instance, the high-end engineering market. Yet, they are often expensive to operate, owing to their significant consumption of energy. Employing an alternative such as the Shockwave Pro 3000 Series, businesses can open up efficient, affordable and environmentally-responsible parts washing; from automotive repair shops to multi-national OEM manufacturers.”

He continues: “For too long, parts washing has been a dirty, hazardous process, harmful to both staff and the environment. However, by making the change to Safe Solvents you can reduce the risk to your staff, lower your energy bills and be environmentally responsible.”

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