Embracing Environmental Sustainability


Embracing Environmental Sustainability


Going Green

What comes to mind when you hear the words “Going Green”? Maybe you think of someone who’s coloured their hair in the midst of a life crisis? Or perhaps you visualise someone on a swaying boat, green-faced and trying to find their sea legs. You’re more likely though, to think of the local cafe that uses paper straws rather than plastic, or the restaurant around the corner that’s eliminated its use of Styrofoam.

From what we know, these companies have taken at least one environmentally responsible initiative, aiming to protect our planet. What we don’t know is if they intend to sustain this change or indeed apply the approach across their entire business. Are they determined to demonstrate a commitment, dedication, and consistency toward sustainability?

Indeed, taking the first step to “go-green” might be easy but truly embracing and applying the concept more broadly across the business is by no means simple. It is a different challenge altogether. It may well require searching for additional ways to achieve sustainability and an operating and financial commitment to these changes.

Environmental Impact

Adapting a company to be environmentally sustainable requires hard work, intent, and dedication. But above all it requires innovation. You need to look at old practices differently, from new perspectives and challenge the status quo. Ask yourself what else can be done?

Even the simple switch from plastic to paper straws required somebody to ask, why the US uses 500 million plastic straws a day which is non-biodegradable and harmful to the earth. Do I really need to use them in my business? Is there a better way for the environment? If so, what is it and how do I adopt it?

At Safe Solvents, we applied the same logic to the parts washing industry. We were convinced that there must be another way of operating? We asked, do you need to use toxic, environmentally unfriendly chemicals? We did not shrug our shoulders and accept it as “just part of the industry”. We couldn’t accept that there wasn’t an environmentally better alternative. Instead, we developed our range of water-based, non-toxic and non-carcinogenic fluids which operate at ambient temperature, without any detriment to the cleaning performance.

Sustainable Innovation

Asking yourself why and what-if when evaluating sustainability options for your business will force you to investigate, interrogate, and analyse all aspects in order to find answers. The great thing is, you don’t need to be Bill Gates or Albert Einstein to be an innovator. Innovation is achieved by taking something which already exists and doing it better. If through this change you are helping our planet then you have taken your first step to being environmentally responsible.

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