About Safe Solvents

About us

Teamwork makes the dream work

Who we are

We are change, we are fresh ideas to old problems. We are dedicated and passionate about making a difference.

We are Safe Solvents and we are here to create a safer, cleaner, greener parts washing industry.

Our mission & purpose

To develop and supply cutting edge chemical and mechanical technology that enables businesses large and small to reduce risk, increase productivity, and do their part for our precious planet.


We don’t use nasty solvents or harsh chemicals


New technology that wont break the bank.


Water that works like solvents


Solid and dependable systems for peace of mind

Our management team

Meet our passionate leaders who believe in driving change.

Tom Sands (Founder & CEO)

Tom Sands

Founder & CEO

Inspiring innovator and entrepreneur with an unrelenting desire to make the world a better place.

Carl Stanley (Co-founder & Financial Controller)

Carl Stanley

Co-founder & Financial Controller

Versatile business developer in charge of coordinating company financials and actioning developmental projects.

Benjamin Reid Safe Solvents

Ben Reid

Co-founder & CXO

Passionate entrepreneur with a proven track record in creating, building and operating disruptive companies, ensures Safe Solvents delivers on its vision.

Timothy Lyons (Co-founder & Advisor)

Timothy Lyons

Co-founder & Advisor

Investor & serial entrepreneur. Co-founded Aspremont in 2017, having founded and exited two successful B2B FinTech companies.

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