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How Is It Better?

We are different. Our machines and fluids aren’t like everyone else’s. Here’s some reasons why.
Automated Cleaning

No scrubbing required, the machine does all the work for you

Sparkling Results

Smart cleaning technology delivers incredible results

Simple Maintenance

Waste, servicing and replenishment easily managed in house

Energy Efficient

Ambient operating temperature requires no heating power

* Continuous use not including air line/compressor usage


Ultrasonic emitters create microscopic cavitation bubbles which release incredible energy when they collapse, and effectively blast dirt away from the surface of objects. Frequency adjustment alters the size, volume and ultimate impact on parts.

Purposeful Features

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Shockwave Pro 3000

  • 3000 watt power output
  • Frequency adjustment: 28-40khz
  • 1300x740x1080-1730mm (WxDxH)
  • Liquid: 200L
  • Load Capacity: 250kg

Body Shop


The Typhoon Paint Pro Range was purposefully designed to provide users the freedom to clean spray guns where it is most convenient. All angles considered without compromise to quality or performance was a test. But one that has resulted in a new standard for the industry.

Trusted By The Best

We are proud to supply some of the most influential names in the business.

What more can you ask for


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