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Safe Solvents modernises the technology in cleaning automotive parts and spray gun systems.

Our machines and fluids are the results of many years research and testing to bring you the ultimate in parts washing systems. One that provides pinnacle performance without compromise to safety, quality or cost.

We do away with unnecessary add-ons, tie-ins and services, leaving you with only the best bits for your business.


Nothing is more important than user safety. All Safe Solvents fluids are hydrocarbon free, release no toxic fumes, and are 100% non-flammable. With hydrocarbon based solvents being linked to Dermatitis, Respiratory impairment and Nervous System Damage, it is time to make a change.


Waste is simplified thanks to our clever formulations. Oils and paints separate from the solution (for official disposal) leaving the bulk of solution to be easily handled in-house. Usable as a great no-cost TFR, or dispose of down drains with a Small Discharge license.
* Usage and Disposal Terms apply


Each solution and machine is specially targeted to its user, and involves considerable consumer insight and testing before release. With performance as a priority, side-by-side comparisons have seen users choose Safe Solvents over their traditional cleaning chemicals time and time again. Fluids have been reported to last longer and clean better, whilst we know the machines are built better and improve energy consumption.


No equivalently priced machines contain as many features as Safe Solvents. With Auto fill & Drain system, Integrated Compressors, Dual Cleaning Options, LED lighting, Easy Move Wheels, and much more besides, Safe Solvents machines offer more than most. Built in the UK to the highest standards with a 1 year guarantee to match.

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